Why is a content package valuable to your business?

We know that developing content to help sell your services can be challenging. MSPs and VARs face multiple challenges when explaining the value of their services to their clients:

  • Explaining technology challenges in real world terms that matter to CEOs, DPOs and CTOs.
  • Staying on top of current industry trends that affect their prospects and clients.
  • Sending out consistent messages to stay top-of-mind so buyers select you when it is time to make a buying decision.
  • Finding time to make original marketing messages for prospects from a variety of industries that reflect your company’s brand.
Marketing and sales content can help you secure long-term clients.

Building trust with prospects to secure long term clients happens over time and we know that educated clients are more likely to make better, long-term buying decisions when the company they work with is viewed as a trusted solution provider.

How can a MSP or VAR be seen as a trusted solution provider?

Sharing messages that stay on top of industry trends or providing strong answers to key questions on technology and security can set the right tone with your prospects and customers. Topical and timely messages in emails, white papers and blog posts can reach your prospects at all times and are available when they need to make the right decisions.

The Mindmatrix Library offers content that is created by a team of experienced writers with extensive knowledge of the issues that matter to the key decision-makers such as CEOs, CTOs, DPOs, etc., when reviewing your services. These topics are also geared towards companies from within particular verticals, ensuring that the right messages reach the right people at the best time.

How much is each content package worth?

Each topic is researched extensively, with assets designed and personalized with your company’s branding materials. For content like this--white papers, emails, social media posts, postcards, blogs and landing pages--hiring a writer alone could cost you upwards of $3,000. Added to this, is the cost of a unique visual design for each set of the packages of assets ( $1,500-$2,000) and the cost of setting up, coding and configuring a landing page for an additional $1,000-$2,000. If you need to integrate all of this with your CRM, it can cost even more to hire a web developer or technician to integrate leads directly with your account!

Here’s a breakdown of the possible costs:

Asset Type Quantity Retail Value
White paper 2 ~$1,500-$2,000
Landing page 1-2 ~$1,000
Email 2 ~$1,000-
Blog 3-4 ~$1,000- $2,000
Social media post 4-5 ~$700
Post card 1 ~$600
Total Content Package Value:
~$5,500- 7,000
Value of 2 NEW content packages/month -
$11,000- $14,000
Value of Existing content:
The cost of producing original content is often underestimated, let alone quality researched collateral.
Pay $50- $100/month to get Instant access to fully editable content.
We are able to offer this content at a premium to our clients.
SAVINGS valued at $10,000/month on New Content